Some Water Would Be Nice

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  • I’ve been waiting for a post on this incident! Please tell me everything in here actually happened. Favorite part: “I apologize for eating a doughnut last night.”

  • I read this while waiting my turn to speak to the local State Representative about college scholarships. In front of me were people discussing real life issues. This post made me laugh so hard, I had to stuff my scarf into my mouth to make sure that people didn’t think I was laughing at their sad issues. I felt as if I failed miserably (no pun intended) at that, mostly due to the fact that I was in hysterics for a lengthy period of time which just happened to coincide with their conversation.
    I think my daily fiber content has been achieved.

  • Ah yes, the very thought of whatever we’re thinking always does matter. But you seem having got it through considerably well (I hope). No burger for lunch, though. 😀 Cheers!

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