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39th Annual Dinner Branding for Chabad Jewish community in Hallandale Beach, FL. The gala took place aboard a mega yacht, and the branding matched accordingly.

Branding Concept for a consumer-facing remodeling company, specializing in delivering the bottom line on time and efficiently. The design goals were to be bold and confident, in an effort to establish trust in an industry replete with independent contractors that mean well but underdelivers. Nessco overdelivers, and gives their customers real peace of mind.





Chabad Pulse





Atzi Hats

The Jew Stew

The Jew Stew is a revolutionary way to do cholent: by buying it prepackaged and ready to cook. Now anyone who lacks the talent or patience to individually prepare their own cholent ingredients can still have fresh cholent on Shabbos. In order to reflect the uniqueness of the product and zero in on the target demographic, the logo was given a contemporary treatment to a classic style.