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  • You make a valid point, and I think you will be surprised at the amount of people who have come to the same conclusion. I know several business people who, although they either option, opt to take the train to work instead of driving. Driving requires one to pay attention, using valuable energy and brain space while removing the opportunity for eating, learning, and communication, at least safely.
    However, I did hear of a 15 year old in California who wanted a Tesla Model S. He obviously couldn’t afford the $70,000- $120,000 car, so he started a premium taxi service utilizing two of them called TesLoop. The commute is between LA and San Francisco and he not only makes enough to cover the car payments, but makes a good living as well (I’m not sure who the drivers are). The coolest thing is (besides for the free electricity due to Tesla’s Supercharger network) that the drivers utilize Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous technology to do the bulk of the driving. This allows them to remain well rested and avoid fatigue.

    Tesla has been dropping hints about a release of a Level 4 l, fully-autonomous driving system. Stay tuned for announcements at the end of the year.

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